About Us


wearable fan art

I make unique T-shirts (and polos and caps now, too). What got me started was that I always wanted shirts that just didn't exist. I suppose I'm not very mainstream. But it occurred to me that there must be others who think like me. It turns out there are and that's who I cater to. Some might call us "nerds" and that's not a bad thing. Nerds are cool now. We're passionate about the things we're fans of. And maybe the thing we love is too cool for mainstream. Or maybe it's old and forgotten by the masses but not by us die-hards.

Another thing about my shirts: Most are what I classify as "in-universe" shirts. What that means is that they're something that could exist or does exist within the fictional world of the franchise in question. For example, consider the classic movie Animal House. While there were certainly T-shirts emblazoned with "National Lampoon's Animal House" you wouldn't see characters in the movie wearing one. In their universe, there was no movie called "Animal House". So how much cooler is it to wear something as if you were in that universe? Like a Delta Tau Chi fraternity T-shirt or even a replica of Bluto's own sweatshirt that just said "College" on it. Sometimes, the thing on the shirt is a somewhat esoteric or obscure piece of trivia. For example, most people would see a Pizza Planet logo and think it was just some pizza place they never heard of but people who "get it" are always like "I know that! That's from Toy Story!" I love that. It's like a shared secret for people "in-the-know". These are frequently used as parts of Halloween costumes, too. My fictional corporate polo shirts are cool when you need to be more dressed up because you can still display your fandom.

If you have an idea for something you'd like to see let me know. If it's something that'll sell and it's feasible to do, I'll make the design and put it up for sale. If you want something customised just for yourself let me know that too. Simple changes to existing designs I'll do for free. A totally new design I can often do for a very reasonable price. Because of my manufacturing method, I can do one-offs much more easily than a screenprinter can.

I use good quality shirts such as Hanes, Gildan, Anvil, Bella, Augusta, Canvas, Champion, and Jerzees. Garments are imprinted with quality heat transfer materials. ThermoFlex Plus is a matte finish heat transfer vinyl that is a durable polyurethane based material and is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment. For my smaller designs, such as would normally be embroidered, I use Siser StripFlock, an excellent altenative to embroidery. It is a velvet like material with a raised quality and has excellent adhesion.

Yeah, don't expect much out of the social links above. I'm still working on it. :-)